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Tansy's Acres

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Mary Ann Waller was determined she would not be stuck in a small rural town of Kettleville, Kentucky, for her entire life. After graduation she planned to leave because she had dreams. Big dreams. She wanted to run her own business and be the best pie baker the world had ever known. Well at least Kentucky had ever known! But life rarely turns out the way we think or hope. And life had definitely thrown Mary some curves. She was ready to give up and she had absolutely given up on God. What was the point of praying when prayers didn't get answered? That is until Tansy re-entered her life---the person who taught her some things she didn't know and introduced her to a God she didn't expect.Tansy helped her open her heart again and reminded her that love is never a closed door and how a heart always looks for a place to call home--- especially for the holidays! 

Getting Audible books without becoming a member

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4. On the right, you'll see the option of either buying with 1 credit or buying for a cash price.)

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