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Chariott, the Moonbeam Princess

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Life for any royal princess has its own set of challenges, but what about a princess who has disabilities along with powers from a moonbeam? Does that make her different from others? Sure, but it does not mean she has to have special treatment from everyone in the kingdom. Yes, there are certain things she will do differently, but that will not stop her from living her best life ever!


Princess Chariott was a regular medieval girly girl. Besides being royal and utterly gorgeous, she just wanted to have fun, take part in a horserace, laugh, and enjoy the adventure. She always tried to be an awesome friend and a loving daughter for she determined she would be the best version of herself. Sure, she had some unfavorable circumstances which had come her way, but not every circumstance will destroy us. In reality, it is an opportunity to reveal our strength and our courage. It can show us what we truly are made of.


Princess Chariott never gave up no matter what she faced. She remained optimistic and filled with joy! Through sickness or pain, it did not matter! That is because she had a great support team of family, servants, and a best friend. In life, we can make it through anything, if we just keep a good attitude and never give up!


Sometimes situations can cause us great distress, but if we look deep inside our hearts and find the light that is already there, then the darkness will disappear, and faith will be our guide.

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