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Holly Szurpicki was born in Detroit, Michigan, the car capital of the world. Although she couldn’t drive yet, her imagination had a way of taking her wherever she dreamed to go. Holly wished one day to be a princess, a park ranger, or an entrepreneur. She states, “Two out of three is not too shabby.”​ ​

She is passionate about creating stories, screenplays and writing songs. Holly began writing a manuscript in the year 2001 which laid dormant. Holly focused in on raising her two children and when the year 2008 arrived, she teamed up with a virtual animation studio out of New York. That is when the dream came to life; The Shorty Bean story became her first novel and now it is a series.

Art and individual creativity have tremendously inspired her throughout her career. Holly possesses visual creativity which takes her to places beyond words to live animation in her mind. Being able to envision her characters and their environments is a true gift, and she recognizes this as supernatural. Despite many tragic circumstances she has faced throughout her life, Holly always maintains a positive attitude and loves to encourage others to pursue their God- given dreams.


Her goal for writing books is to make faith-inspired yet impactful stories for both adults and young children. All of Holly's novels reflect a childlike imagination in her creative process which result in inspiring and meaningful stories. Holly believes we all have a divine destiny and wants everyone to know that they should never be afraid to pursue their dreams. 


Holly lives in northern Minnesota with her husband and two children and a water dog named Klause. She loves the outdoors, photography, and fishing, to name a few of her passions. 

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